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Procedural Dramas Ficathon

Ficathon #2 - What If...? Ficathon

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Procedural Drama Ficathon

Ficathon #2 - What If...? Ficathon

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Bleach - Aizen: Thoughts by yachiru
The basic premise of this ficathon is this: what if one event in your show's history never happened? How would the show be different? Using CSI: NY for an example: what if Aiden had never been murdered? If she was still alive and DJ Pratt was still on the streets? What would happen?

The form has been altered a little from last time, so make sure you use this one.

Sign-ups start May 5th and end May 31st. Assignments will go out June 1st and fics are due July 15th. On July 1st the next ficathon sign-up will start.

Please pimp this around, and remember that if you're entered in Ficathon #1 that your fics are due on the 15th!
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